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They say they want to fix the economy, they say they want to reform health care, and they say they want to fix our illegal immigrant problem. The only thing I've seen out of our government is self severing individuals. First off they have been given many options, to help with the economy, the most likely to help being the fair tax act. It is basicly a consumption tax, which would benifit companies, by eliminating payroll taxes, it would put more money in our pockets, by eliminating our payroll taxes. It would also impose an import tax, which would help bring the companies back to the U.S., creating more jobs. It would mean that everyone pays taxes not just a select few. Even our illegals. Second you want to help with health care, reform welfare and its benifits. It use to be that being on welfare was an embarrassment, now it is considered an entitlement. It was designed to help when people needed it, not a way of life. Third but not last, well the last
  for today, unfortunately there are too many things wrong to mention them all, at one time. Why do they, Congress, Senate, whoever, desever when they retire, to receive thier full salary for the rest of there life, with full medical, access to all milatry bases and are able to purchase goods from these installations without paying taxes. You want to help balance the budget I think I would start here. Impose the fair tax act, which is designed to bring in more tax base than what we are getting now. Reform wellfare, start following up on the recipiants like they use to. If you are driving a 60,000 dollar car and have flat screens in every room, and list goes on you probably don't need welfare. How about setting up a 401k for our government just like we have or some other kind of retirement, that alone would save us millions if not more. Also lets say we quit paying for the rest of the worlds problems, we foot the majority of the bills through the united nations and all thier b
rilliant ideas. We can secure our boarders they just choose not to.

Respectfully submitted,

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