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A conservative opinion. This is not the country I grew up in. shelia y

Most political pundits agree the GOP must increase their share of the Hispanic vote. However, none have offered a comprehensive and credible plan to obtain it. The answer to this dilemma is not as simple as offering a Hispanic candidate and addressing the immigration issue. Over many years, a deep hole has been dug and simply filling the hole will not solve the problem. The hole does not require dirt. It must be cemented with sincere and rational ideas based on the history, culture, and expectations of the Hispanic community. I believe I can provide a guideline for the strategy. I will list the major factors that must be addressed. I hope they will initiate debate and result in answers to each item.
Mexican Americans are the largest part and fastest growing part of this group. Knowing this, national candidates must be able to connect with this subgroup. Rubio is of Cuban descent. This subgroup is loyal to those of their background. Thus, Rubio will never connect and may do damage to the perception of the GOP intent. Social media is revealing that many in this subgroup don't feel Rubio relates to them. Has he been a spokesperson for major Hispanic causes? Has he been in the farm fields of south Texas or the Imperial Valley? Or the streets of east Los Angeles and Chicago's west side? If he begins to show up in these places now, he may not be welcome. Even a white candidate who understands their issues and speaks their language may be more effective. GW Bush proves my point. In conclusion, this candidate hole was dug deep by not promoting Hispanic talent in both government and corporate America. Leaders like Rubio do not put cement in the hole, it's more like quicksand. Robb5

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